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Fractures may occur to any bone in the human body including the ribs and the vertebrae. Simple fractures do not affect the skin area of the fracture while the compound fractures cause the skin above them to break open. Open wounds can lead to infections and significant blood loss and that is the main reason why compound fractures are commonly considered more serious than simple fractures that do not cause any open wounds.

Signs and Symptoms

Fractures can easily be recognized by the deformation and immobility of the affected area and extreme pain due to the injury. A fracture may also result in bruising and swelling of the injured area. Rib fracture is commonly characterized by intense pain and difficult breathing and coughing. In most cases of simple fractures the only way to confirm them is to take an X-ray of the injured areas. An injured person must seek immediate medical attention in order to set the bones properly before the healing process begins.


Fractures are usually caused by an injury, a traffic accident or a fall. Fractures can also be related to diseases such as osteoporosis in case of which the fracture may be caused even by a mild physical injury. Human bones may become brittle or delicate if a person eats a diet which is insufficient in certain types of minerals, proteins and numerous other precious nutrients and that impairs their ability to withstand physical injuries. Digestive problems and hormonal imbalances may trigger certain conditions that lead to osteoporosis and weakening of the bones.

Herbal Remedies and Supplements

The human body requires calcium, magnesium, silica and numerous other minerals and proteins in order to prevent the bones from fractures and recover and heal them faster. Silica can be purchased as a gel or in capsules and it is an essential mineral. Balanced levels of vitamin D and vitamin C are required for the normal absorption of calcium which is another very important essential mineral. Every diet should include abundant levels of vitamin C because it is very beneficial for the overall health of the bones. The same can be said for green food supplements because they are an excellent source of chlorophyll component and essential minerals. All the aforementioned remedies help in reducing the swelling caused by fractures. A horsetail bath is also very efficient in reducing the swelling of the injured areas. Goldenrod or sorrel can also be applied topically on the swollen area. Vitamin D is essential for the overall health of the bones and it can be obtained by moderate exposure to sunlight.

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