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Numbness is a deprivation of the ability to move normally orexperience sensations in the certain body parts fully for periods of time. It isnot a very pleasant feeling. Luckily, there are some herbs which can helprelieve numbness. However, since some of the herbs could potentially have someside effects, consulting a doctor when deciding to treat numbness with them isrecommended.

Causes of numbness

Causes of numbness are most likely to be of neurologicalnature. Improper functioning of the nervous system could result in numbness ofcertain body parts. One may also experience pain and itching. Another probablecause of numbness is leading and insufficiently healthy lifestyle, with animproper diet and not enough exercise. Finally, lack of oxygen in certain bodyparts can decrease the circulation and provoke numbness. But no matter what thecause or the symptoms are, the right herbs can be quite efficient in thesesituations.

Still, before taking herbs, one must make sure toconsume sufficient amounts of vitamin B and essential fatty acids, as well asintroduce regular exercise or any kind of physical activity to the lifestyle.These will even be enough for some people, which means that they may not evenneed to use the herbs to relieve the symptoms of numbness.

Treatment with herbal supplements

Although some people might end up not needing them, themajority of those experiencing the above-mentioned symptoms will most likelyrequire some herbal supplements to make sure that the issues are completelygone.

Anyhow, in case the numbness and other symptoms are theresult of some kind of nervous inflammation, the best course of treatment totake is combine two cups of tea made of St. John’s wart, which is a kind of awild plant, with lavender or skullcap, which is also a type of plant, on adaily basis. One herb that has a similar effect is vervain, and it is verysuccessful in getting rid of numbness and spasms. In natural food stores, itcan even be bought in the form of a gel.

A more delicious way to deal withnumbness of certain body parts is by using peppermint oil. It can awaken thenumb areas quite successfully and it should be used just before going to bedfor best results possible. Finally, when numbness is caused by deficient circulation,a mixture of gingko biloba, ginger root and an herb called Siberian ginsengwill most definitely help, not only in improving the circulation, but also inboosting the energy levels in the body in general.

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