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Cystic fibrosis is a dangerous debilitating disease that affects the endocrine glands and leads to a much shorter lifespan. It physically manifests in the excessive secretion of sticky, thick mucus from the glands which greatly affects the lungs and other vital organs. Respiratory processes are greatly affected and may be prone to infections and pneumonia.

Other symptoms include poor nutrient absorption in the digestive tract, weight gain, very poor heat tolerance. Cystic fibrosis is very serious and in most cases lethal. Very rarely patients survive into their fourties. Cardiac complications and total respiratory failures may also occur. Diabetes, liver problems, hemorrhoids and constipation are also among the common symptoms of cystic fibrosis. Infertility and sterility in women and men may result due to the development of the disease. Retarded bone growth, osteoporosis and rapid aging of the bones which break much more easily are common as well.

Improper transport of electrolytes is the main cause of cystic fibrosis although sometimes it can have genetic origin in children when both parents suffered from the disease. Deficient absorption of nutrients affects the body in many ways and leads to other diseases and complications, so one must carefully plan a diet which consists of food rich in healthy nutrients and minerals.

The main aim of adding supplements and herbs to the diet of patients suffering from cystic fibrosis is the improvement of all digestive processes and proper nutrition. Green foods and friendly bacteria called Lactobacillus acidophilus greatly improve the disease resistance. Thymus slows down the infection rate. Oil from the evening primrose herb provides the necessary levels of essential fatty acids needed to fight inflammation and restore health. Vitamin E is another important supplement which along with proteins helps in improving overall health and boosting the immune system. Vitamin B12 and various antibiotics are very beneficial too.

Supplements contain significant amounts of vitamins A, D and K combined with zinc and selenium are mandatory. Dandelion and spinach juice are good at fortifying the blood. Aloe vera juice is very beneficial for all the processes inside the digestive tract. Herbal ginger root soothes the irritated gastrointestinal tract and helps in relieving its inflammations.

The propolis, garlic, chapparal and red clover can be used either alone or in combinations for their antipyretic properties and for the improvement of general health. They trigger no side effects whatsoever. One can also work the glands’ natural reflexes for the improvement of their performance.

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