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Breathalyzer Characteristics

Breathalyzers are devices used formeasuring levels of alcohol in one's blood. Taking their name intoconsideration, we may deduce that these do their job by analyzing thebreath of the people being tested. This is a portable device which iswidely used in traffic control like on highways, roads and otherplaces where police is known to stop people for regular check-ups.Also, breathalyzers are known to have their usage in schools, publicplaces, and other similar locations, since, they can help with rulingout or confirming juveniles drinking alcohol. Therefore, there isquite a wide range of people which can, and are tested bybreathalyzers. They are good for maintaining safety with drivers andother participants in traffic, as well as keeping those who are notallowed to consume alcohol away from it. The capability ofbreathalyzers has been questioned for as long as these have beenaround. Namely, there are numerous tricks people claim to have done,making it possible for them to pass the test as sober, while,actually they have been drinking etc.

Fact or Fiction?

As mentioned above, many people claimedthey managed to avoid being arrested or given a fine by cheating onthe breathalyzer test. If you are interested whether this is possibleor not, read on.

One of many claims is that, if you suckon a penny or any other small copper object, you will reduce theblood alcohol levels the device is capable of picking up. However,this is not true, and sucking on pennies is not hygienicallyrecommended as well.

The same effect is often prescribed tomint or breath fresheners. Nevertheless, even though these arecapable of reducing the smell of alcohol from your mouth, they stillare unable of tricking the breathalyzer. The same goes formouthwashes. Moreover, these can raise your alcohol levels a bit.

Another claim explains how belching canhelp you pass the test smoothly without the device noticing anyalcohol levels in your blood. This is not true, no matter how manytimes you belch, with how much intensity or where are you directingyour belching. Additionally, those who think that if they consume analcoholic beverage without the smell, they are not consuming analcoholic beverage at all, are terribly wrong and, therefore, unableof tricking the breathalyzer this way.

Finally, do not think that breathalyzers are flawless, either. Rather, they too make mistakes, since theyoften recognize some other molecules in our breath as ethanol andcan, therefore, show unwanted results even though you have not beendrinking.

The only proven help in decreasingblood alcohol levels when in need is by hyperventilating, that is, breathingquickly and deeply.

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