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Drunk as a skunk - drink driving

Driving While Drunk

There are certain individuals who participate in traffic, driving their cars even though their judgment is severely impaired, due to the influence of the alcoholic beverage they had before. This can be very dangerous and drunk drivers may not only lose their own lives in car crashes but also jeopardize lives of many pedestrians and fellow drivers on the road.

However, many people believe that they are completely capable of driving while intoxicated and they sit behind the wheel not being aware that they are dizzy, have coordination problems, impaired vision and many other symptoms which may easily contribute to accidents which may have lethal consequences.

Thus, we need to take a good care of our roads and all the participants in the traffic, disallowing drunk people to drive cars at all costs. This can be done through increased control, severe fines and legal punishments and other such methods. Whichever method we agree to use, it should be thoroughly applied, saving people's lives and making this a priority.

Once you get sober, it can be too late, especially after the damage had already been done. Therefore, prevention is the best possible cure.

Prevention or Punishment?

Many people agree that drink drivers should be severely punished and end up in jail, especially if their driving has caused death of other people or accidents of sorts. There are many who have caused such misfortunes but have claimed how they cannot be convicted since they have no recollections of the past event at all. However, this is hardly an excuse once the damage has been done. Therefore, there should be no tolerance for the intolerant who, after knowing that they are in for a night out drinking, bring their car key, and their car, with them.

Thinking that you are an exceptionally good driver does not help as well. Remember, once you are under the influence, you are no longer yourself completely and you are bound to be incapable of driving correctly and safely.

All in all, the drivers themselves need to be aware of all the dangers of driving drunk and never do such a thing. It is too dangerous and noone should risk spending their life in prison just because you were not capable of controlling yourself. It is too great a price to pay. So, stay smart, do not drink and drive, choosing to live no matter what.

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