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MusclesUsed in Rowing Machine

Abrief Introduction

Thisarticle deals with the benefits of using a rowing machine, many ofwhich are overlooked by the typical gym goer.

Therowing machine is one of the most complete forms of exercise of thecardiovascular sort. Not only does it allow one to burn copiousamounts of calories, it also does wonders for building core strengthand works with a wide range of muscles simultaneously.

Themuscles that are most employed while working out on a rowing machine(that properly simulates actual rowing) are: the arms, the shoulders,the back as well as the abdominal; which is why there is one in everygym.

The Benefits of Rowing Machine Exercise

The following muscles benefit from this type ofexercise: arm muscles, shoulder muscles, core muscles, quadriceps and glutes muscles.

Arm muscles – the biceps and triceps are the onesdoing the most work while rowing; the flexors located in the biceps benefit as well.

Shoulder muscles – if the exercise is performedproperly, the rotator, a.k.a. the shoulder cup also benefits fromthis.

Core muscles – the core muscles are a group of musclesin the upper abdominal, lower abdominal, the back and obliques –all of which benefit during this exercise, developing overallstrength.

Quadriceps – moving on to the lower part of the body,the quadriceps, which are located in the front of the thigh, receive aconsiderable amount of exercise as well. These muscles are also knownas extensor muscles, since they are used to extend the knees.

Glutes muscles – this is the group of muscles that ismost frequently overlooked. They are the muscles that one sites onwhilst rowing, and they, too, benefit enormously during rowing.

With this said, it is clear that rowing is acardiovascular exercise which proves to be an excellent over-all exercise as well, since it works with a lot of different secondary groups ofmuscles simultaneously and builds up overall strength.

TheConclusion and Endnotes

To conclude, anyone working out should most definitelystart using a rowing machine at the gym since it will work wonders forboth your stamina, general strength and is an excellentcardiovascular exercise. It is aslo highly recommended to either endyour training with this exercise, or use it as a warm up exerciseinstead. Lastly, it cannot be stressed enough that maintaining thecorrect posture whilst performing this exercise is of criticalimportance if the above mentioned muscles and muscle groups are to benefit from it.

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