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At the moment there are so many different options for getting into good physical shape. Some opt for fitness, some prefer boot camp, others opt for dance classes, and the options are virtually infinite. There are people who prefer to stay at home but still wish to keep fit. They can purchase one of many fitness machines that provide the needed workout without taking too much space. One of the best choices is the rowing machine.


Rowing machines are usually an alternative to the treadmill but their advantage is that they do not take that much space as the treadmill does. New rowing machines are light weight and they have a compact, folding design which makes them very easy to store. One can purchase a good rowing machine from online stores for about $150.

That price is usually on the lower end models that save money and space but still can provide the needed workout. Higher end models can cost up to thousands of dollars but they do not necessarily worth that much. A rowing machine works both the upper and the lower body, provides the workout for the abdominal core and engages the abdominal muscles because they are of utmost importance during the rowing movement. It also cuts the workout time because it tones all the muscle groups in a single workout session.

Rowing machine will not provide one with muscle mass, it provides a person with lean and long musculature. Rowing machine burns the calories much faster than any other workout machine because it uses upper and lower body movements at the same time. A hard 30 minute workout on a rowing machine should burn around 300 calories.

That is much more than one could burn with jogging for the same amount of time, and the rowing machine does not put that much stress on the joints as the jogging does. There are people who have problems with their joints and cannot indulge in high impact workouts that involve the enhanced wear and tear. Rowing is ideal for those people, but one should still be careful and always use proper techniques that do not involve excessive stress on the back and the knees. Improper technique may lead to injuries and soreness. The machine must be fluid and the movements must always be seamless and smooth. The rowing machine also provides an extraordinary cardiovascular workout which builds endurance and stamina.

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