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AQuick Look at the Specs of Indoor Rowing Machines

Oneof the first things a person is to do while deciding which rowingmachine to buy is check the specs of each and every affordable andavailable rowing machine out there, then double-check his or hers ownneeds and expectations. The former is exactly the bit of researchthis article aims to provide, and possibly help any potential rowingmachine customers decide which one is the best for the particularsneeds. The article is a comparison of the three most popular models out there.

KettleCoach Rowing Machine

Theprice range of this model starts at roughly $900.

Thisrowing machine is rigged with ten levels of adjustable resistance,which in turn allows the rower to simulate various levels ofresistance. Progress and statistics are recorded by use of a computerwhich is integrated into this machine. The computer has the abilityto measure: the number of strokes a rower takes, the heart raterecovery patterns, the energy consumption and, obviously, the totaldistance coverage.

Additionally,anti-slip floor protectors keep the rowing machine from freely movingabout while the rower is working on it.

Otherdetails include: a high quality padded seat, feet straps, and theability to hold up to 300 lbs.

Itis fairly small, which means that it doesn't eat up too much spaceand may be easily fit into a crummy corner if necessary. Next in lineis the

TunturiR60 Rowing Machine

Thismachine is somewhat more expensive tan the Kettle Coach RowingMachine, so presumably it is “better” than the former. Its pricerange osculates around about $15000.

Thismachine has got twelve different built-in programs. Thisfunctionality aims to provide the rower with getting the most out ofit. Eight of the twelve programs are preset, and four areprogrammable. The remote controls are located on the pull bar, whichmakes it super easy to change gears mid-rowing.

Notto be overlooked is that this model comes with an extra long, 20 yearwarranty (when it comes to the frame and motor itself).

Thismachine holds up to 300 lbs, and is still highly portable.

StaminaATS 1400 Air Rower

Thestamina ATS 1400 Air Rower is the least expensive of the three. Itsprice is about $350.

Itis the best choice for the rower who is merely looking to burn somecalories and build stamina. Folding and storing is extra easy, andthe device may be kept away from tripping feet when it is not in use.

Itcomes with a monitor which helps the rower keep track of his progresswhen it comes to burning calores.

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