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Most common uses for manuka honey

Manuka honey has become very popular lately. The main reason for that is because of some healing properties that this honey contains. People are using it to cure lots of ailments and they say it is quite effective. There are several ailments where people use manuka honey as a cure most often. These ailments are wounds, leg ulcers, burns, digestive system problems and cough. Manuka honey has a UMF logo on its label. That means that the honey was properly tested and that it contains high enough levels of extra antibacterial activity.

Wound healing

A lot of researches were conducted on how does manuka honey help in case of wounds. All honey is good for wounds because of the antibacterial activity in the form of hydrogen peroxide. However, manuka honey has shown even better results. The honey fights off any infection in the wound and creates a barrier so no other infections can enter the wound. The healing process will also benefit from this honey because of the nutrient effects from the amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and assimilable sugars it contains. The honey placed on the wound will also protect the wound every time a person changes clothes.

Leg ulcers

Leg ulcers are quite similar to wounds and that is why honey is effective with this problem as well. There is still no strong proof that manuka honey actually helps with ulcers but many studies have been conducted and the results are promising. People who use the honey to treat leg ulcers also say it helps them.


This is another type of ailment that is similar to wounds. Just like with wounds, manuka honey will protect the burns from suffering from other infections. The applying of honey relieves the pain as well. There is also a lesser chance of ending up with a scar because the nutrients in the honey have a positive effect on tissue regeneration.

Digestive system

Since people do not research the effect of manuka honey on the digestive system as much as they do on wounds, there is not enough evidence on how beneficial the honey is to the digestive system. However, the antibacterial and antibiotic properties of the honey will assist in the fight against infections in the stomach. Another good thing about honey is that not a lot of people are allergic to it and there are no side effects caused by it. People use honey when they suffer from acid reflux, bacterial infections in the stomach or a digestive tract and diarrhea.


People have been using honey to treat this ailment for quite a long time. Manuka honey is better because of the antibacterial properties. A person can even mix it with propolis.

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