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Manuka honey is made of the nectar that the honeybees collectfrom flowers of Manuka bush, and it has been proven scientifically that thistype of honey has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that neither heat nor light cannot destroy or diminish. This is exactly what makes it more beneficialthan other types of honey. What is also important is that even in diluted form,this kind of honey preserves its antibacterial characteristics due to thepresence of hydrogen peroxide. Since it does not contain any synthetic pesticidesand it is pathogen free, as a remedy, it can be taken orally, or it can beapplied topically.

Manuka honey as a method of treatment of MRSA

Even though Manuka honey is more than helpful in thetreatment of burns, wounds, cuts, acne, ulcers and various diseases, what makesit even more valuable is the fact that it can successfully treat the bacteriaknown as MRSA. Infections caused by this type of bacteria are particularlydifficult to treat since the bacterium in question became resistant to antibiotics.This infection is particularly common for hospitals and medical facilities, butthe fact is that it can easily be spread at schools, restaurants, swimmingpools, even hotels. What makes it even more serious is the fact that the numberof those who die because of this infection is constantly at rise. Manuka honey has the ability to draw the water out of thecells, thus destroying the bacterium since it cannot survive that way due todehydration.

Since this kind of treatment does not cause any side effects and since Manuka honey is being more and more employed in the treatment of MRSAinfections, it is not even regarded as a home remedy anymore. Besides the factthat wound care dressings contain this ingredient, many antiseptic lotions arebased on it as well. The number of products that contain Manuka honey isbecoming higher and higher and they can be obtained without a medicalprescription and over the counter. Antiseptic lotion, for example, is a part ofthe first aid, and it helps with inflammation and swelling, it speeds up healingand minimizes scarring. However, before applying it, the area has to be cleanedand it is recommended to cover it with a sterile bandage. Surgical wounds canalso be treated with this antiseptic lotion, skin ulcers, pressure sores andlacerations.

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