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Manuka honey is a type of honey which is considered to be the most powerful honey of them all, when it comes to healing properties. Created when bees pollinate manuka trees which grow only in a specific part of New Zealand, the type of honey these bees produce surpasses regular honey incomparably.

The Difference

Regular honey bases its healing properties on the fact that it contains hydrogen peroxide. However, a biochemist Peter Molan, during his research of manuka honey in 1981 found out that this type of honey contains substances other than the above mentioned, boosting its healing qualities. Due to the fact that he could not define the substances, he named the whole increased healing factors “Unique Manuka Factor” or, short, UMF.

Today, manuka honey is recommended and prescribed by numerous health experts. On the other hand, regular honey is not only being used as a remedy, even though this common type also possesses great healing properties.

Positive Aspects of Manuka Honey

Even before manuka honey became popular around the world, the natives used the bark and resin from the tree as a folk medicine.

Manuka honey possesses antibacterial and antiviral properties. Therefore, it keeps wounds clear from infections, allowing them to heal faster. Manuka honey is excellent for treating skin ulcers, acne, bed sores, abscesses and other skin problems of this type too. Two or three applications a day will be more than enough for a successful treatment.

Benefits on Immune System and Organs

However, the benefits of this honey do not end on external use. Rather, consuming manuka honey will result in a stronger immune system and treat diseases such as acid reflux, gastritis, heartburn etc. Gastrointestinal problems in general can be treated with manuka honey. Thus, individuals with indigestion, stomach inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome or peptic ulcers, can treat their conditions with a single teaspoon of manuka honey. The same goes for those who are having throat problems or suffer from dehydration due to vomiting or diarrhea.

Helpful to Pregnant Woman and Radiation Therapy Patients

Mixing manuka honey with half a teaspoon of ginger juice will prevent morning sickness in pregnant women. Alternatively, you may add 1 teaspoon of mint juice and some lime juice, for a greater effect, consuming the product three times a day.

Radiation therapy wounds can be treated with manuka honey as well, once it is applied directly on the wound. This honey also possesses antifungal qualities. Finally, it triggers no side-effects whatsoever.

All in all, if you want health and recovery, you will find it in manuka honey.

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