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Bees make honey and every person knows that. People also know that they can use honey instead of sugar since honey is basically a highly concentrated sugar solution. However, not a lot of people know that burns and other wounds can be treated with the use of honey. People have used honey for hundreds of years. People back then did not know why is that so but modern science have showed that it is because of the antibacterial activity of the honey.

How can honey stop infection?

It is a known fact that bacteria love sugar because it allows them to grow and reproduce. On the other hand, honey is not a good option for bacteria and microorganisms. There are several reasons why is that so.

Acidity is the first reason because acids do not allow the bacteria to grow. Hydrogen peroxide is the second. When a person applies honey to the wound it dilutes with fluids from the damaged tissue and mixes with an enzyme that is added to the bee in order for the hydrogen peroxide to be formed. Honey is better than the hydrogen peroxide that can be bought in the drugstore because there will be no scars and the tissue will not be damaged.

Applying honey as a wound dressing

If the wound is 4 x 4 inches, then 20 ml of honey will be adequate for the wound. A person should know that the applied honey should go over the edges of the wound. Next, a person will need some waterproof dressings so that the honey does not ooze from the wound. Other dressings will soak the honey and that will only interfere with its effectiveness. A person can even use a bandage to hold the dressing from not falling off or moving. A good advice is to spread the honey over the dressing before putting it on the wound. If the wound is deep a person will need to apply more honey. Also, a person will need to change the dressings at least three times in a day.

Honey used as medicine

Apart from using honey on an open wound, burn or a cut there are other ailments a person can treat with honey. Allergies are treated with raw honey in 90% of all allergy cases. Because honey is an excellent blood enricher, lots of people use it for anemia. In this case it is better that the honey is darker. People solve their appetite problems with one spoon of honey. Apart from these illnesses a person can use honey to treat a couple of others like conjunctivitis, fatigue, headaches, migraines, heart diseases, insomnia, digestion problems, sore throat and high blood pressure.

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