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There are numerous benefits associated with the use ofhoney. Even ancient Greeks were aware of this and they have used it, but theyare not the only people who used the honey due to its benefits on the humanbody. Many people have been using it since. It has antibacterial abilities andthis is why honey has been used during the Second World War. But theantibacterial abilities of honey were cast in the shadows once the penicillinand other antibiotics made the appearance in the market. One researcher from New Zealand is looking to change all of this. The professor Molan from theWaikato University has done some research on the honey made from a manukaflowers, which is a bush found in New Zealand. According to his researches, this honey has very strong antibacterial abilities, which are far greater thanthe ones of an ordinary honey.

Mystery Ingredient

The level of hydrogen peroxide is different in every honey, but in manuka honeythere is something additional that has been found nowhere else. But since ithas this quality, it was difficult to determine what it was. And this issomething that hasn't been discovered ever since. Even 20 years of researchhave given no results. But there is a name UMF honey or Unique Manuka Factor. Professor Molan was able to compare it to other antiseptic bacteriafighting abilities and he came up with really amazing results. The resultsshowed that it is effective on protozoa, fungi and bacteria.

Resistant Strains

There is a great problem in the hospitals today and it is called bacteriaantibiotic resistant strains. The UMF manuka honey has even showed signs ofdealing with this problem as well. The most sensitive bacteria on manuka honeyis the most common one, the staphylococcus aureas. MRSAis another strain on which the manuka honey has great effect. Healingproperties of manuka honey are also amazing. The honey has been used fortreating pressure sores and leg ulcers with success. Even period after thesurgery can benefit from the manuka honey, which has anti-inflammatoryproperties as well.

Benefits and Cancer Treatment

The manuka honey is great for the treatment according to the Dr Glenys Round,who is a cancer specialist. The honey can help with the fungating wounds, whenthe cancer enters through the broken skin. Honey is very effective on thisproblem. The radiation therapy can develop ulcers or wounds, which can betreated with honey dressing. This is a natural remedy, so most people will giveit a go, but some are suspicious since they are not sure how it works.

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