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Information on Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is a peculiar type of honey which originatesfrom New Zealand and is becoming more and more popular all over the worldbecause of the numerous health benefits it provides the human body with.Numerous scientific studies have shown that Manuka honey has certain healingproperties and that it is much more efficient than regular pharmaceuticals whenit comes to the prevention and treatment of certain medical conditions. Thereare areas where it may come in very handy, and no conventional medicines suchas antibiotics can be of any help. Manuka honey is very efficient inrejuvenating and moisturizing the skin so that is why it is often used innumerous different types of cosmetic products.

Health Benefits of Manuka Honey

Manuka honey may be of great help when it comes to treatingcertain medical conditions such as dermatitis, pressure sores, ringworm,blisters and burns. It is very effective when used as a wound dressing becauseit has unbelievable antibacterial qualities. It destroys the bacteria, clearsthe infections and prevents dehydration of the wound. If the wound is nothydrated properly it may lead to scarring once it heals. On the other hand, ifthere is too much moisture in the wound it may lead to overgrowth of theharmful bacteria. Manuka honey is very efficient in lifting scabs and deadtissues so the wound may heal while positioned flush with the surface of theskin. The bacteria cannot survive because the water gets drawn out. Manuka honey is much more efficient than mosttypes of antibiotics because they are known for slowing down the growth rate ofthe cells. It is efficient in regenerating the skin and speeding up the healingprocess by pulling all the beneficial nutrients and body fluids into thesurface of the wound.

All different types of honey contain hydrogen peroxide whichis known for its disinfectant properties, and it gets obtained by the oxidationof the glucose contained in the honey. Hydrogen peroxide unfortunately breaksdown in the presence of enzymes produced by the human body. Manuka honey is theonly type of honey which can be used for various medical purposes because theheat and light do not affect its effectiveness and healing properties. Manukahoney also contains methylglyoxal and UMF which provide certain additionalantibacterial properties. Manuka honey with a UMF rating of 10 and above can beconsidered as a medical grade type of honey.

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