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- You can't get pregnant during period! While it is true that the chances of conceiving are really low, but it is still possible that you are going to conceive.

- Have intercourse in missionary style (lie on your back during sex). False again. Couples conceive from any sexual position. A woman can conceive even if she quickly stands up. A man ejaculates millions of sperm during one ejaculation and there is a possibility you might conceive even if you are not lying on your back.

- If you are having sex for the first time, you can't conceive. A lie! The younger you are, the more fertile you are, and the bigger chances you have you are going to conceive. So, there is nothing true about having sex the first, second or third time.

- You can't get pregnant from pre-cum! Not completely true, and pregnancy can happen even if the partner pulls out. While this is a common type of birth control among couples, practicing this technique can be because of STDs very dangerous.

- You can't get pregnant if you are using birth control. Basically this is what birth control does: prevents from getting pregnant, but there is still a small chance you are going to get pregnant after using a condom or an oral pill. For example, oral pills are 99% effective (and do not prevent STDs)

- The morning after pill will fix everything. No, it won't. First of all this is not the best nor the safest practice for your health, nor it is a guarantee you will not get pregnant.

- You can get pregnant only on your ovulation days, that is 14th day after your menstruation starts. No, every woman is different and some ovulate on 14th day, but some may ovulate sooner or few days later. Besides ovulation day is the day woman is most fertile but is not the only day she can get pregnant.

- You can't get pregnant if you have irregular periods. Not true... but it is very possible that you will have problems conceiving and you should talk to fertility specialist.

- Woman is responsible for being able to get pregnant. Don't let me go all feministic now. Sigh Science proves that infertility is a condition of both males and females and we both share it equally: 50% each. So, please: no man-woman issues here, okay?

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