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The birth control works, precisely talking about birth control pill, by influencing hormones and thus preventing prevention of conceiving a baby. Birth control pill works by influencing hormones and thus influencing ovulation. When woman stops taking birth control pill, the hormones that help prevent ovulation and thus prevent conception are theoretically speaking out of a body within several days, which means woman s body is ready for conception within several days theoretically speaking. When hormones that prevent ovulation are out of a body, woman s body starts to function on its own and this means follicles are produced again which means woman starts ovulating too.

As said theoretically this means the body should be ready to produce follicles in a matter of few days. However, every woman is different, and the case is that in some women it may takes weeks, if not moths that body stats working properly again. Generally speaking, in a period of 3 months after getting off the pill, if not before, your body should be in a normal mode. Worries about getting back in a normal rhythm are not in the connection with the length of being on the pill: the process is similar whether you have been on the pill for 1 year or as long as 10 years. Your body should get back on the track in a matter of few months the latest. If you were experiencing problems with ovulation even before getting on the pill, it is very possible you will have problems with your natural rhythm when you get off the pill again.

Birth control pill does not fix ovulation problems by preventing ovulation. Some women are often wondering whether it is safe to start conceiving after getting of the pill. Theoretically it is safe to get pregnant the day you get off the pill, so there is no need to refrain from trying to conceive. Probably it will hard to conceive right away because as said before your body and your hormones need a bit of adjustment to a normal functioning without the pill. However, every woman's body is different and it is possible to conceive on the pill, and definitely pit is possible to conceive the day after the pill, and there are no studies that show that there is an increased risk of fetus being deformed if the conception is started right after getting of the pill.

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