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Until what age can women conceive naturally? As long as a woman still ovulates and menstruates that is, until she goes into the menopause she has a chance of getting pregnant naturally. Saying that you can get pregnant until you reach the menopause, unless you can't is a bit mean, but it is basically true. The fact that your chances of conceiving naturally gradually drop with age remains.

Statistically, your chances of getting pregnant naturally barring infertility or birth control use look like this:

Early twenties: 86 percent chance of conceiving naturally. Late twenties: 78 percent chance of getting pregnant naturally. Early thirties: 63 percent chance, already significantly lower. Late thirties: 52 percent chance of conceiving naturally. Early forties: A 36 percent chance of getting pregnant naturally with no problems. Late forties: only a five percent chance of getting pregnant naturally.

Of course, these statistics say nothing about your personal chances of conceiving naturally at your age, and they are only a general guide. Living a healthy life that includes good nutrition and exercise, and a lack of bad habits such as smoking cigarettes, may aid your chances of conceiving naturally. The same holds true for men your partner's health plays an important role in your chances of getting pregnant. Knowing when you ovulate and having intercourse at the right time also helps, of course. Once you get older, let's say beyond your early forties, your odds of having a positive pregnancy test may be much less...

But does not mean you can't ditch the birth control pill and assume you won't get pregnant, if you don't want a baby. It is theoretically possible to get pregnant right until you stop ovulating and enter the menopause. And if that happens to you, it won't be a theory anymore.

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