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Mosquito bites and their consequences

Only female mosquitoes cause mosquito bites. Their bite contains proteins that stop the blood from clotting, allowing them to feed on the free flowing blood. The unfortunate consequence of this process is an irritating itch and swelling. The bite itself is sometimes not even noticed by the person bitten, until the mentioned side effects appear. Areas such as the legs and feet are commonly the most bitten. Mosquitoes are generally active during dusk or dawn, while during the day, especially if temperatures are high, they spend recuperating. The bite can cause a variety of effects, depending on the reaction. The symptoms go through different stages, including swelling and itching. The itching often increases when the affected area is scratched immediately after the bite itself, which can also cause injury to the skin.

Methods of removing mosquito bite itching and swelling

There are several methods of treating mosquito bites at home. Applying small amounts of water, followed by salt, onto the section of skin that was bitten is one method of relief. Another would be massaging the bite area with apple cider vinegar. Many other substances can help alleviate the itching caused by mosquito bites, including Calamine lotion, ammonia and peppermint toothpaste. All of the above mentioned treatments should be placed directly onto the bitten skin section. A mixture of baking soda and witch hazel can be beneficial if held on the itchy section for 15 minutes. Home grown or store purchased aloe gels can help in removing the itch and relieving the injury. Scratching the bite area can cut open the skin, creating wounds that are susceptible to infection. To cut down on this risk, rubbing the pulpy section of a lemon onto the wound is recommended. Deodorant is also sometimes suggested as a remedy for the itch. A mixture of 1 part garlic salt, 1 part seasoning salt, 1 part water can, when applied, may cause minor pain but they may also provide itch relief. Small amounts of bleach are also suggested as a treatment. Juice extracted from non-ripe Atis fruit can be an effective way to remove the swelling related to mosquito bites. Possibly the simplest, most cost effective method involves licking the bitten area, the saliva providing the advantageous effects.

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