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The Well-known, Bloodsucking Pests

Most of us have experienced thediscomfort of being bitten by a mosquito. These pests live in almostall parts of the world and mostly feed on human or animal blood.Namely, only females have the proneness to sucking out one's blood.This is due to the necessity of blood in the egg laying and formationprocess. Nevertheless, almost every mosquito bite leaves a red,swollen spot which escalates in itchiness once irritated by externalfactors. Mosquitoes, while biting you in order to suck your blood,apply their saliva along the bite spot. This ensures unobstructedflow of blood into the organism of the mosquito since it prevents theblood from clotting. However, some people are allergic to theproteins inside mosquito saliva react to the bite rather harshly.Numerous different allergic reactions may be present either on theskin or somewhere else in the organism of the bitten person,immediately after getting in the bloodsucking contact with the insectin question.

Manifestations of a Mosquito BiteAllergy

Even though, the first symptoms of theallergy do not deffer the regular manifestations of a mosquito bite,there are some severe differences afterwards. Namely, at first, thevictim experiences swelling, redness and irritation around thetroublesome spot. It causes itchiness and scratching only makesthings worse. However, in contrary to regular bites, these symptomsstay present during the course of several days. Later, other symptomsappear as well. Swelling may occur on every place on one's body, anddifferent organ dysfunctions may take place. Often, breathingdifficulties are present as the allergic reaction escalates.

How Can This Be Treated?

There are several things you may doimmediately after being bitten by a mosquito. Firstly, make sure youclean the troublesome spot with warm water and an antiseptic orantibacterial soap. Then, dry it using a clean towel, restrainingyourself from rubbing too hard or scratching since this can only makethings worse, regardless of the temporary feeling of relief itbrings. Then, you may apply ice, aloe vera gel or a solution made ofbaking soda and water. All these will provide you relief and are veryeffective at the same time.

Alternatively, you may consider takingsome anti-inflammatory medications or some topical creams of the sametype. However, these may have certain side-effects and are best usedonly after you had read the instructions. Finally, allergic reactionsto mosquito bites are more common with children than with adults.Thus, pay close attention to your child and take all the measuresnecessary for treating him or her once they get bitten by a mosquito.

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