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Obtaining an insect bite is infuriating as it can be itchy and unsightly. More often than not the area bitten is the only area affected and the treatment is relatively easy, however, if you are experiencing harsh symptoms following a bite you will need to seek the advice from a doctor. If you have the following symptoms you must call for an ambulance. Wheezing and issues with your breathing are some of these.

Reactions of an Insect Bite

The majority of insect bites will cause you to experience itch in the area and the area may become slightly swollen. However this will usually clear up with twelve to twenty four hours.

The Home Treatment and Medication for an Insect Bite

You should simply wash the bitten area with house hold soap and water after which you can apply a cold compress to the area which will help calm down the possible swelling. Try to avoid scratching the bite as this will of course increase the symptoms and may even cause you to get an infection. If the bitten area is causing you a little pain you can resort to taking a painkiller like ibuprofen. If you find that the bite has become excessively itchy your doctor may decide to provide you with a crotamiton cream. The cream should be put on two to three times each day for adults. If the skin is broken, you should not apply a cream and see your doctor. You may need to resort to taking an antihistamine if you are experiencing an allergic reaction but make sure you seek the advice of a doctor if this is the case.

Large Insect Bites and Reactions Treatment

You can chose to take a pain killer, the same for a small or a big reaction to a bite and your doctor may give you an antihistamine to be taken orally to help with the night itching. If your doctor sees that the bitten area is extremely swollen they may decide to give you a treatment course of oral corticosteroids for no more than five days. In some cases, people can notice a blister develop after being bitten, it is important to refrain from popping it up as you could get an infection. In the case of an infection following a bite, your doctor will give you antibiotics to help. In the rare case of having an allergic reaction to a bite you may be referred to an allergy clinic.

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