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Stop Bugging Me!

Most of us have experienced the unfortunate sensation of being bitten by a bug, or, generally an insect of any sort. This pestering creatures can be found anywhere. They seem to be everywhere outside, ever trying to get inside your home as well. The worst thing is, however, that bugs do not satisfy for walking on your skin, clothes or property. Rather they seem quite fond of biting. Moreover, their bite, which is most usually not a single one at all, is quite an uncomfortable experience. Pain, irritation, itching - these are just some of the negative aspects connected to bug contact. For all these, and many other reasons, most of us have and many of us yet will experience the feeling of being bitten. Therefore, it is important to be prepared and react properly and timely.

How to Know If You Have Been Bitten?

Well, in this respect, pain comes as a pretty straightforward sign. For this reason, we tend to be aware of most of the bug bites inflicted upon us throughout our lives. This pain is almost immediately accompanied by discomfort, irritation and swelling. This irritation causes us to feel itchy and scratch the bite spot, only to make the things worse, by provoking rashes, hives and numerous other reactions. However, their reactions may be caused without our scratching, since some of us can be allergic to bug bites. Then, our skin will react severely to the bug bites, amplifying the effect of them. Nevertheless, this grim list is yet to be prolonged. Namely, the worst case scenarios involve fever, breathing difficulties, infections and pus inside and around the bite wound, accompanied with feeling weak and nauseous. The bite spot can get additionally swollen and blistered, getting out of control and making medical intervention a must while it can, at the same time, get a bit swollen and disappear in a matter of minutes.

What Can You Do About It?

There is little one can do to avoid being bitten. Even though, one may try to escape being among bugs, these creatures will most certainly cross paths with him or her soon enough. Therefore, it is important to know how to treat the wounds of these unfortunate encounters.

Proper hygiene is crucial. So, wash the wound with an antibacterial soap, spray it with some kind of disinfecting solution and keep it safe with antiseptic creams or other products. As for the alternatives, rubbing the inner layer of the banana peel works wonders, removing the pain and reducing the swelling. Mixing baking soda and vinegar helps once the mixture is applied onto the troublesome spot. Raw onion, cut in half or a slice and pressed onto the wound will create an excellent antidote, negating all the poison the bug inserted. Lavender and vegetable oil mixture serves as a good itching cure. However, once the symptoms and side-effects of a bug bite get too serious, seek medical attention.

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