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Plastic Surgery More Popular than Ever

Since the very beginning of plasticsurgery, people have used it for several different reasons.Initially, it was meant for correcting some aesthetic anomalies inpeople, or the ones preventing them from functioning normally. Even today, mostpeople undergoing plastic surgery do it because they have problemswith the shape of their bones, certain physical aspects, their skinand other factors.

However, plastic surgery has been usedfor purely aesthetic reasons for a long time as well. In thebeginning, only wealthy actors and popular people were able toafford these pricey procedures, reversing their visible age,changing certain features about them by enhancing their breasts oremphasizing certain parts of their body and opting for many othertypes of plastic surgery, some more sensible than others.

Today however, with the constantdevelopment of technology, plastic surgery is available for everyone.This popular culture, originating from the Western society, isnowadays being heavily practiced all around the world, even in themost conservative European and Asian countries. Also, in America,there seems to be an ever-increasing number of Hispanics andAfrican-American people undergoing these procedures as well.

Stereotypically, people would thinkthat women are the most common visitors appointing procedures atplastic surgeon offices. However, this has changed as well, as moreand more men use plastic surgery for aesthetic purposes nowadays.

Men and Plastic Surgery

Nowadays, Botox, laser surgeries, nosejobs and many other procedures are done on men on a daily basis,especially in Los Angeles, Miami, San Diego and some other cities. Before, it was believed that males only need to take showerand brush their teeth, being attractive and beautiful enough as itis. Now, with the excess of male grooming culture, this was taken toa completely new level with plastic surgery.

One of the most popular procedures that men undergo is wrinkle reduction with Botox and other fillers. Nosejobs come second followed by male breast removal, ear pinning, chinaugmentation, penis enlargement, laser hair removal, liposuction andothers.

Still, even men should not neglectthe possible dangers of the procedures. They are warned that, forexample, for every rhinoplasty (nose job) there are 25% chances ofinfection. Also, healing processes may be more complicated for somepeople than for the others. Thus, do not go into plastic surgerylightly. Rather, think about it, question all there is to bequestioned and, only when you have got your answers, take your pick.

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