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Plastic Surgery

The plastic surgery may have started as a way for the people to remove some scaring or similar problems that many find unappealing. But this was only present in the past. Today plastic surgery is not performed only when a person is having some problem that can be described as hideous or awful. People today do plastic surgery procedures only to enhance a certain part of the body in order to look more appealing. Some exaggerate in this and try to achieve some sort of perfection, so they undergo some extreme plastic surgeries. People who do this may do it gradually or more drastically and quickly. When the procedures are done gradually, pictures that show before and after may be an interesting thing to see. We have all heard about the procedures like nose jobs, tummy tuck and breast implants. These surgeries are done so a person may improve a certain aspect of their physical appearance. But some may do up a level from this and in the following text we will talk about the extent that people go in order to improve their physical appearance.

Extreme Plastic Surgery

The term extreme plastic surgery means doing several plastic surgeries at once. A study shows that only 9% of American population would consider doing more than three surgeries, while 35% would do only one. The reasons for them are various, from social to professional life. One of the issues that a patient may think about before doing a plastic surgery is related to risks and safety issues. The patient should always educate himself/herself about this and keep the health issue in first plan. For some, general anesthesia may be a problem, since it is lengthy and causes a certain trauma for the immune system and the body. It can also affect the cardiovascular system. If you do extreme plastic surgeries, the time for anesthesia is longer, which makes the problem bigger. These were the risks but there may be some benefits involved as well. We can say that, when you do several procedures at once, you will receive anesthesia once and the recovery will be experienced only once. Today, the medicine has evolved greatly, so the procedures are generally safer than they have ever been. Also, charges may be lower if several procedures are done at the same time. Before going under a procedure, your body needs to be strong and prepared. So avoid smoking, eat healthy and exercise in order to fulfill this. This will reduce the recovery time and increase the results. A doctor will inquire about your age, medical history, ethnic background and several other issues, in order to see if you can undergo an extreme plastic surgery.

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