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British mom Paula Lackie just had a baby after 22 years of infertility! She gave to her daughter Isla at 43, after being told she would never have kids at 21. Paula and her husband Grant from Haddington, East Lothian adopted two kids and still hoped they would conceive one day and it happened, after more than two decades!

Paula was diagnosed with endometriosis in her early twenties and was told both her fallopian tubes were so damaged she'd never be able to get pregnant. She never really stopped praying that she would conceive anyway one day, and was amazed to find out that her grandma had got pregnant at 43, as well!

Baby Isla was born on April 23, weighing seven pounds. She waited for a while to make her appearance, and was induced in the end. But after that, the baby girl was born in just two hours and her mom said she "loved every minute of it".

She said: "Every time I look at this beautiful miracle baby in my arms I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. I still can't believe that she is really ours, and we feel so totally blessed to have her." She added that she was worried something would go wrong throughout her pregnancy, and when baby Isla was born she was scared to look!

Explaining the experience in detail, the proud new mom said: "I had waited for that moment for so long, I was petrified that she might not be breathing. But then they placed her in my arms and I could see for myself just how perfect she was. I was crying, Grant was crying, in fact everyone in the room was sobbing their hearts out. It was like something out of a film, with a real fairytale ending."

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