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Jenni Lake found out that she had brain cancer when she was 16. She had migraines, and after her mom took her to the doctor, an MRI scan detected a 2cm tumor. But the stage three astrocytoma, a tumor that affects the brain and spinal cord, wasn't the only unexpected thing that happened to this teenager.

After being diagnosed with brain cancer, she also found out she was pregnant! When Jenni found out she was pregnant, weeks after the cancer diagnosis, doctors told her she had two choices; to have an abortion or to forego cancer treatments including chemotherapy. Jenni chose her son, and had a healthy pregnancy. I m done, I did what I was supposed to. My baby is going to get here safe," this brave mother told a nurse at the hospital her son Chad was born at.

Jenni held on to her life all the way through her pregnancy, but lost her fight with cancer 12 days after giving birth. Her last request was to have her little son lie next to her as she died. What a heartbreaking story. Jenni and her family documented their experiences on YouTube on a channel called "Jenni'sjourney".

Her mother said, in one of the videos, that she was hoping Jenni could go back to chemotherapy after the baby was born. Jenni, meanwhile, said: I don t know how long this is going to last and I just want it to go away. Baby Chad will now be raised by his father, Jenni's boyfriend Nathan Wittman. This type of brain cancer has low survival rates, even with chemotherapy. Jenni's doctors said that she had around a 30 percent chance of surviving two years with treatment.

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