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British model and actress Elizabeth Hurley is hoping to conceive and expand her family with a new baby. She is married to Indian-born businessman husband Arun Nayar, and she says "haven't had any luck so far". Liz Hurley is already a mother to an eight-year-old son Damian who she had with her previous husband, a multi-millionaire Steve Bing. But now, at the age of 44 British actress is trying to expand her family again. She says her husband Arun Nayar would love to have a biological son, but on the other hand her son Damian doesn't want a younger brother or sister. Most importantly Liz would like to be a mother once more.

Nevertheless she and the rest of the family are thankful for what they have, but they think that it would be great if another member would come along. Liz says the relationship between Damian and Nayar is good. She said that Damian calls him daddy, but that he knows he is not his biological father. He perceives him as a father nevertheless. She says that Damian sometimes forgets and he says: 'Tell me again why dad's brown and we're so white. And then she has to remember him he is not his biological or blood father.

Liz became known as a girlfriend of Hugh Grant in the 1990s when he became the focus of mainstream media due to success of film Four Weddings and a Funeral: Liz accompanied him to the film's Los Angeles premiere, where she wore black Versace dress that was held together with gold safety pins the main reason she gained instant media notice. Her door to celebrity world opened wide: she became recognizable face of cosmetics company Estee Lauder; and she became an actress to be honest, not too talented her main hits were Austin Powers related.

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