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People all over the world are looking for every possible way to cure the cancer. Since some studies have found the connection between soursop and cancer, this plant has become immensely popular recently and many have used extract of this plant, hoping to beat the cancer.

About Soursop Benefits

Soursop or Graviola is an evergreen tree with broad leaves and flowers. This plant originated in Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and some north regions of South America as well. Tropical regions of sub-Saharan Africa are other places where you can find this tree in wilderness, while south-east Asia has just recently started growing soursop.

This plant produces very healthy citrus fruits and thus has many benefits for anyone who uses them or plant extract. So far, cancer research has not concluded whether the plant is or isn’t a cure for this serious disease. Most doctors agree that even if it helps, it still should be used along the conventional medicine, radiation and chemotherapy.

Everyone will benefit from soursop effects on the cancer if that ends up being true. However, people should be aware of the risks and stay away from using large amounts of any alternative treatments for cancer, for it may cause damage to the body. Soursop in particular has been noticed to cause some neurological damage and provoke symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease in patients using excess amount of this remedy.

Soursop as Cancer Cure

Several studies have been researching effects of soursop on the cancer cells, since the 70s. First results showed that the leaves and stem of soursop were effective against cancer cells and able to attack and destroy them. Since that time, people believe that soursop can kill cancer cells. Because of these promising results several studies continued the research on this plant.

Some recent studies claim to have found the active ingredient in soursop which is extremely active against the cancer but not against healthy human cells. This substance is claimed to be 10.000 times stronger than the drug commonly used for treatment of cancers (Adriamycin). Chemotherapy is known to affect both healthy and cancer cells in the body but this newly found substance is said to be selective and kill only cancer cells. Because of that, patients treated with soursop should not have any side effects like in conventional cancer treatments (nausea, loss of hair and weight and skin changes). Some claim that combination of chemotherapy and soursop extract can prevent damage to the immune system.

According to some studies soursop can be used to treat different cancers, such as colon, lung, pancreas, prostate or even breast cancers.

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