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The Worst Case Scenario

Unfortunately, each new year is full ofdisappointing news for and regarding those with breast cancer. Thisdisease is the number one killer of women in the US, spreadingthroughout the world, becoming more and more common each year, evenin the third world countries. Based on previous statistics,estimations for this year are grim, predicting that 500,000 ofexisting patients will die and that breast cancer is bound to bediagnosed in every 8th woman in the US. Again, eventhough, for the rest of the world, this type of cancer is not such athreat, it is a problem nevertheless.

The story is getting even more sad anddiscouraging. It is predicted that, by the year 2020, breast cancerwill have spread all around the developing countries, carrying theburden of 70% of all cases of this illness. While new kinds oftreatments are appearing in the US, people who live in poorercountries have to wait and rest all their hopes on traditionalmedical approaches which are known to fail more than to help.

Devastating Data

Speaking of finances involved inbattling this vicious disease in the US, around $8.1 billion is spentfor diagnosis of this illness and its treatment. In India, on theother hand, more than 50% of women with breast cancer do not undergotreatment at all while in South Africa only 5% of women are diagnosedwith breast cancer on time, during the initial stages.

If we are to discuss possible causesbehind these dark facts of our reality, the reality itself is toblame, along with the humans who conform to it. Namely, we liveincredibly unhealthy lives, spending our money on junk food anddangerous malnutrition, staying inactive for most of our lives,leading a sedentary existence with no physical exercise, beingaffected by stress at work daily. This “modern”, “Western”lifestyle has spread around the world and is taking its toll which seems to be higher every year.

There are different types of breastcancer, depending on the genetics and race of women, being moreaggressive for Asian and African, as well as African-American women,since the treatment is much more complicated for them due to theirresistance to estrogen and progesterone therapies. Genetics, numberof given births and many other factors affect the presence of thisillness as well.

We need to change our lives and livehealthy so as to fight off this terrible disease. The damage has beendone and we have made our society and the world around us dangerousand harmful for our health. Keep that in mind and keep yourself safe.

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