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Throughout human history, the medical industry has been trying to infiltrate every single aspect of our existence. Namely, from the miracle of birth, once taken care of by midwives in people's homes, now moved to hospitals which do their best to perform cesarean incisions in the majority of cases, to menopause which was once considered to be quite normal, nowadays perceived as an illness which needs treatment, the world population seems to be suffering from hypochondria, being incapable of living without medical assistance and procedures. However, is this truly necessary? Or, is this all the part of a much greater plan?

Menopause: Sickness or a Natural Phenomenon

The involvement of medicine into menopause started in the 1950s. Then, menopause started being considered as something that is not normal and that should be suppressed by tranquilizers and antidepressants, as well as many other medications. Therefore, today, even adolescent girls take birth control pills in order to balance their menstruation cycles which are naturally out of balance in this period. Somewhere, something went terribly wrong.

Shockingly, in 1967, a medical journal described menopause as a tragedy, claiming that it is something that women despise for taking away their ability to work and enjoy life. Fortunately, nowadays we do not consider menopause a nemesis of such proportions. Rather, we see it as a transitional period from reproductive to non-reproductive part of a female life. Nevertheless, we seem to imply the necessity of taking medications in order to control this phenomenon, still treating it like a disease.

Who Benefits from Menopause?

Menopause “treatment” costs money. Most women in their menopause are more than willing to give the necessary amount of money in order to endure this part for their lives as painless as possible. All these women are the great source of profit for the pharmaceutical empire of this planet.

New diseases are being invented every day, even though these did not exist or were not considered diseases in the first place, only for us to purchase medications, vaccines and various other, expensive treatment, feeling safe afterwards. We are lead to believe that doctors are always right, giving them our money blindly.

The Media does not fail to take a piece of the pie, when it comes to menopause profit. Commercials for menopause medication can be found in magazines, on the TV and through numerous other media, advertising miraculous treatments which supposedly keep this “disease” controlled.

Turn Back to Mother Nature

In the beginning, there was nature and nature will always be there for us. Numerous herbal products can ease the symptoms of menopause, helping women get through this phase with more ease. Black cohosh, chaste tree, dandelion, ginkgo, life root and numerous other plants have these powers. Do your research using the Internet, and find out more about these natural, healthy remedies.

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