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Since time immemorial, people,especially cultures from the East have used turmeric, also known ascurcumin as both a nutritional addition to their diet and a universalcure for numerous health problems. In fact, this plant, belonging tothe ginger family, is considered to be a potential natural cure forcancer.

Therefore, the following lines willgive you more information about curcumin, opening the door to theinformation that can possibly change your life.

What is Curcumin?

Curcumin is the principal curcuminoidwhich gives turmeric its distinctive yellow color. When combined withone's nutrition, curcumin can have various health benefits. First ofall, when 2g or curcuma domestica extract are added to your dailynutrition, the effect of it is equal to an ibuprofen taken in orderto relieve you of pain.

In fact, various studies have proventhat taking curcumin in 12g doses a day, over the course of 3 monthsis a completely safe step to take, not causing any possibleside-effects. Yet, you are advised to consult with your doctor beforetaking initial doses of curcumin since it has been known to causeblood clotting in some cases. Also, it has been related to gallstoneissues, so you may want to be careful in this case as well.

Nevertheless, the power of this naturalmedicine does not stop here, especially once we take intoconsideration that curcumin has been used as a part of Ayurvedicmedicine since 1900BC. Some of the potential medical capabilities ofthis medicine have been proven through animal testing. However, weare yet to find out the true positive effects that curcumin has onpeople. Until then, a study from 2008 has proven that curcumin can beused for treatment and prevention of tumor, since it is a verypowerful antioxidant. Also, it has very potent anti-ichemic,antiarthritic, antimyloid and anti-inflammatory properties, making ita medicine with endless potentials, holding great promise for allfuture medical developments.

Some other studies and analyses haveconfirmed that curcumin plays an important role in preventing andtreating Alzheimer's disease. Again, most of the tests which dealtwith the neurological effects of this medicine were carried out onrodents. Thus, we cannot claim that curcumin has the same effect onpeople. Regardless, 1010 people who ate curry on a regular basis wereinvolved in a study showed higher mental functions at old age thanthose who did not. Moreover, some of the people who were tested atecurry only once in every 6 months, but showed improvementnevertheless.

However, one of the greatest potentialsthat this medicine may have lays in its antioxidant powers, which aresuspected to be capable of preventing and treating various forms ofcancer. Hence, most of the studies related to curcumin are connectedwith exploring this natural feature.

Benefits of Curcumin in Cancer Fight

The main strength of curcumin in thefight against cancer lies in its ability to restore the previouslylost immune system function. Namely, the immune system begins toweaken due to many years of previous improper nutrition and unhealthylifestyle. However, curcumin prevents this by activating andrestoring the functions of two types of immune system cells – CD4and CD8 T cells, thereby stimulating the production of proteinsnecessary for keeping immune system cells alive and well. At the sametime, curcumin reduces the development of proteins which are relatedto the destruction of these cells.

In 2010, a study showed that malignantbrain tumors can be positively affected by curcumin, since thispowerful cure inhibits their development, as well as the migrationand invasion that are related to cancer cells. Studies carried out onrats showed that relatively small doses of curcumin are required toreduce the carcinogenesis of the colon. Also, some other tests ofthis type showed that curcumin prevents and treats breast cancer andprevents its metastasis onto the lungs. Finally, due to itscapability of preventing inflammation of the kidneys, curcumin can berelated to the prevention of certain renal diseases.

Some other important benefits ofcurcumin are connected to prevention of clogged arteries and loweringof the risk of suffering from heart attack. Basically, curcuminprevents platelet coagulation, which is known to be related to theformation of blood clots which can trigger numerous health issues,including heart attacks. In addition to this invaluable feature,curcumin is capable of boosting one's mental features andcapabilities, keeping Alzheimer's disease and many similar conditionsat bay.

All in all, curcumin holds greatpromise in future fights against many forms of cancer. We are yet todiscover its true potential. Until then, we should not ignore norneglect the knowledge we already possess. Rather, we shouldconcentrate on discovering other benefits that stem from this naturalmedicine and use it for overcoming cancer, one of the most dangerousdiseases of the modern times.

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