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Metallic Taste in Mouth during Pregnancy - Introduction

Dysgeusia is a medical term for the distortion of the sense of taste. It can be associated with ageusia (complete lack of taste) or develop on its own. The distortion in the sense of taste may affect all people which mean that even pregnant women may suffer from dysgeusia. In majority of cases dygeusia is caused by chemotherapy and zinc deficiency. Still, there must be other causes of dygeusia during pregnancy since pregnant women do not undergo chemotherapy.

Pregnancy is a very delicate state and the body undergoes numerous changes. This is why it is normal for a pregnant woman to experience certain feelings, states and face specific changes during 9 months of pregnancy. One of the variations of dysgeusia during pregnancy is metallic taste in the mouth. This is not unusual sensation but sometimes it is rather hard to deal with. Metallic taste in the mouth can be rather annoying and bothersome. Women suffering from metallic taste during pregnancy describe the sensation as if they were chewing or sucking pennies. The sensation is a mixture of sour, bitter, and acid. The sensation usually occurs between the meals, spontaneously.

Causes of Metallic Taste in Mouth during Pregnancy

There are different factors which can contribute to the occurrence of metallic taste in the mouth during pregnancy. This sensation is commonly experienced in the first trimester similar to morning sickness. In this period of pregnancy metallic taste can be associated with hormonal changes in pregnant woman's body. Fluctuation of hormones is responsible for this unpleasant sensation.

Furthermore, metallic taste in the mouth can be also a side effect of certain medications. Some pregnant women may face this problem if they start treatment with specific antibiotics or even hormonal pills. Once the treatment is over the horrible sense disappears completely. Apart from antibiotics and hormonal pills even certain prenatal vitamins may be a cause of metallic taste in the mouth during pregnancy.

Treatment for Metallic Taste in Mouth during Pregnancy

This is not a serious medical condition and pregnant women should not worry even if it occurs. The only problem is that is can be annoying and bothersome.

The metallic taste in the mouth is successfully nullified with certain sour and acidic fruits, especially with citrus fruits and juices obtained from citrus fruit. Lemonade is, for example, excellent in reduction of metallic taste in the mouth. Additional help can be obtained by brushing teeth with baking soda solution after every meal. Between meals a woman may hide the metallic taste by chewing mint flavored gum. And finally, in some women a simple change of prenatal vitamins eliminates metallic taste in the mouth.

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