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A Fact or Two about Sour Taste in Mouth

As we are all aware, whether we want to admit it or not, our mouth, and our entire body, are full of different bacteria. Therefore, knowing that anaerobic bacteria have a sour taste, we can already presume why we have such sensations in our mouth when we wake up in the morning. Yes, during the night our mouth bacteria grow uncontrollably. However, there are other reasons behind this taste issue, some more serious than the others. Read on to learn about all of them and know more about this strange, yet common, phenomenon.

Reasons behind Sour Taste in One's Mouth

As mentioned above, due to the decrease of saliva production during the night, bacteria cannot be dealt with successfully and they manage to grow and develop to a large number until we wake up. Hence the smell and the taste we have in our mouth in the morning, being uncomfortable to say the least. What is more, sometimes, these microorganisms can cause us to have a strange coating in our mouth, which can be felt easily. Suffering from a post nasal drip makes this problem even worse since bacteria feed on the mucus produced by this condition, multiplying even more in the area behind our tongue.

Next, suffering from heartburn can lead to a sour taste in our mouth. What happens here is that some of the acids from our stomach, due to a reflux in our esophagus, get in our mouth. Simply enough, this can be the cause of the sour taste some of us may feel in their mouth.

Sometimes, however, some food particles do not reach our stomach. Rather, they remain stuck to our esophagus and decay there. This is called Zenker's Diverticulum and triggers a sour smell in our throat and the same taste in our mouth.

Furthermore, the problem may have nothing to do with taste. We might feel sour taste in our mouth due to a nervous disorder we are suffering from. Therefore, the sense is an illusion and something more serious is behind it, needing treatment. Additionally, other illnesses and health problems may trigger this condition. Thereby, medical assistance should be sought once the sour taste prevails for a longer time.

Finally, keeping your mouth clean should keep the sour smell and taste at bay. If, by any chance, this phenomenon continues bothering you for a longer period of time, you are advised to seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

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