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Facts about Salty Taste in Mouth

There are people who are constantly bothered by a salty taste in their mouths and on their lips. The sensation may be mixed with bitter taste as well. Either way, people who suffer from this problem feel salty taste in their mouth all the time, as if they were eating something salty or have been sweating constantly.

This might not seem dangerous but, when people are troubled by this uncomfortable phenomenon for a longer period of time, they may even be unable to sleep properly. Also, nausea may bother these people as well.

All in all, this is a condition which needs to be dealt with timely.

What Triggers Salty Taste In Mouth?

Usually, this condition has nothing to do with the nose and everything to do with the oral health of the patient.

Dehydration is the most common cause of this problem. People may get insufficient water levels in their body due to various reasons. Firstly, they might not drink enough water during the day. Secondly, they might be on diuretics, which deplete their body of fluids. Finally, they might be drinking too much alcohol, coffee, energy drinks and other beverages which cause frequent urination thus triggering the loss of fluids in the body. When we lack water in our organism, the chemical build of our saliva changes, giving it a saltier, abnormal taste.

Another common reason behind this issue is poor dental health. Namely, when we do not take good care of our dental hygiene, bacteria and other microorganisms settle down on our teeth, causing the salty taste we might be feeling.

Sinus infection may cause mucus to appear in the back of the mouth. This post nasal drip may easily trigger salty taste on the lips and in the mouth.

Chemotherapy or certain medications may have salty taste in one's mouth as a side-effect. Also, salivary gland disease may be the culprit. Our salivary gland is located under the jaw and is in charge of producing saliva. Sometimes, an infection may affect this gland and cause abnormalities which may manifest through the salty taste in mouth. The mumps, Sjogren's syndrome and many other illnesses may have the same effect. Finally, nutritional deficiencies, migraine, epilepsy or endocrine problems, all add on to the list of possible causes.How To Remove the Salty Taste in Mouth

Simply, you are to take care of the causes. Increase your water intake and stay away from alcohol and caffeine, drinking 8 quarts of water or fresh fruit juices in 8 hours. Also, avoid diuretics, take good care of your mental hygiene or change your medications. If the problems prevail, seek medical assistance.

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