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What can be the reason for metallic taste in the mouth?

It is not uncommon that people complain about metallic tastein their mouth, and many of them are not even sure if they should consult ageneral practitioner or a dentist in such cases. Still, this problem should notbe ignored since it can definitely be an indicator that something is not right,and the medical term used for it is dysgeusia. Besides metallic, it also refersto acidic taste in the mouth. It is important to visit the doctor because that is the onlyway to determine the underlying condition or the cause, and to start with thetreatment, if necessary.

As far as the causes are concerned, they can be numerous,and poor oral hygiene is one of them.Aside from this, dental problems such asdental carries, gingivitis and similar oral infections, periodontal diseasesand tooth abscess are all possible culprits for metallic taste in the mouth. Ifa person has silver or mercury tooth amalgams, they can also provoke thisunpleasant taste when in contact with particular substances.Conditions such as gastritis, heartburn, jaundice and GERD,peptic ulcer, kidney problems, hypercalcemia and cancer might have metallictaste in the mouth as one of the symptoms, and the same goes for chronic alcoholismand various allergies.One of the side effects of a number of medications is thisproblem, and it is particularly common for antibiotics, medications that areused in cases of diabetes and high blood pressure, antidepressants, andprenatal vitamins.In cases of women, metallic taste in mouth is a typical signof hormonal fluctuations, particularly when the levels of the hormone estrogenare in question.

How to deal with metallic taste in the mouth?

In order to get rid of this problem, it is important to findout why it occurred in the first place. Very frequently the underlyingcondition has to be treated and that is enough. Still, there are some thingsthat people can do on their own and regardless of the cause in order toeliminate it. For example, citrus fruits and lemonade stimulate the productionof saliva, which helps in eliminating this taste, as well as eating eithermarinated foods or foods that are prepared with vinegar. Baking soda helps inneutralizing acid, which means that it should be given a chance because itmight help with neutralizing this taste as well.

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