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There is one hypothesis that there are five metabolic types of people. According to certain doctor, if one can realize which type he/ she belongs to it will be much easier to start proper dieting and lose excessive weight.

Namely, the metabolism can be classified into five categories. Once the proper type of metabolism is established one can properly turn to this original type of metabolism. People can make mistakes and eat food that is not required by their original metabolic type. This can be a reason for obesity.To obtain the optimal amount of energy glycemic index is required.

These five metabolic types include carbohydrate sensitivity, metabolic syndrome, hormonal imbalance, food hypersensitivities and liver detoxification-weight gain with chronic illness.

Carbohydrate Sensitivity

In people who suffer from sensitivity to carbohydrates there are two possible outcomes if simple carbohydrates and sugars are consumed. The first one is the storage of the fat instead of its usage. The second one is a rapid decrease of sugar in blood due to fast increase of the insulin in blood. These people can suffer from tiredness and headaches.

For this metabolic type it is advisable to consume two protein shakes a day. This shakes have to contain soy. It is best if one shake is taken for breakfast and another one for lunch. Additionally, modified Mediterranean diet of maximum 1.500 calories per day is recommended. Simple physical activities such as walking and proper intake of water are of major importance.

Metabolic Syndrome

This syndrome is also called insulin resistance syndrome and can be recognized with excessive amounts of insulin. People who are suffering from this syndrome accumulate fat around the waist and have increased levels of triglycerides in blood. Additionally HDL or good cholesterol is not present in sufficient amounts and these people also suffer from increased blood pressure.

People with this syndrome are recommended to eat Cavement Diet of maximum 1.400 calories per day including two shakes made of soy and light physical activity.

Hormonal ImbalanceThis metabolic type features with improper functioning of thyroid gland.

The suggestion is that these people turn to Mediterranean diet and moderate physical activities. The doctor will prescribe hormonal supplements if necessary.

Food Hypersensitivities

Allergies can be associated with this metabolic type. The food that can lead to allergic reaction mostly includes milk, wheat and eggs.

The best way is to slowly eliminate certain foods from the diet and after a period of time to introduce them again and supervise the reaction of the body.

These people can benefit from high protein and low carbohydrate diet accompanied by the extra two scoops of soy-based protein powder per day.

Liver Detoxification- Weight Gain with Chronic Illness

This metabolic type includes people who are suffering from chronic diseases and receive long-term therapy. Prolonged use of medications leads to excessive accumulation of toxins within the body.

These people can get rid of certain symptoms with initial cleaning. They can stop consuming potentially allergenic foods.

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