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A Common Ailment

Menthol is a product which is extracted from mint plants. This waxy structure, melting at temperatures a bit higher than room temperature is famous for its ability to remove pain and irritation by causing a cooling effect over the application spot of our skin. Besides that, menthol can treat numerous health problems. This is why it is a basic part of many different ailments like creams, lotions etc. However, as it is the case with every other ailment, menthol too has some side-effects, making its careful use a must. In order to find out which these side-effects are, read on and seek the answers to your questions in the following lines.

Before jumping on to negative aspects of menthol, we may mention all the positive aspects of this organic product. First of all, it creates a sense of coldness over the applied surface. This sensation affects the actual inflammation, making it less prominent and decreasing the amount of irritation and pain it causes. Menthol does not change the bodily temperature of one exposed to it. Rather, it just provides an illusion of this change, triggering positive effects. Also, it is quite beneficial for treating sore throat, flu, cold and allergies.

Negative Effects of Menthol

Interestingly, menthol produces different side-effects in different forms of usage. Thereby, those who use menthol creams or lotions, applied topically, may experience allergic reactions like rashes, redness, itchiness and irritations, as well as hives, witnessed upon the application area. Moreover, one might face serious respiratory problems when exposed to menthol, along with swelling of the mouth and other parts of face.

As far as an ointment is concerned the side-effects are quite similar to those created by creams and lotions, the accent being placed upon skin rashes and other skin problems and complications creating irritation. Moreover, menthol in this form may also lead to respiratory complications and facial swelling.

Many people use nasal sprays which are based on menthol, in order to remove nasal congestion or any symptoms of flu, cold or throat and airway infection. Still, even though helping many deal with these problems, menthol sprays are known to have caused respiratory issues, chest tightness and swallowing difficulties. Additionally, nasal irritation can take place as well.

Since most of these side-effects are triggered by improper use, all people who rely on menthol products should use them with caution. This is done by following both your doctor and medication instructions religiously.

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