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Characteristics of Sun Poisoning

Sun poisoning is a term usedunofficially between people, serving a purpose of describing anallergic reaction a person may have while exposed to excessive sunrays. Namely, this condition is likely to affect fair tanned peoplemore and have a greater effect upon them. Appearance of rashes, burnsor other similar things is common due to this condition.

Reasons Behind Sun Poisoning

Interestingly enough, sun exposure doesnot have to be the only reason behind sun poisoning. Rather, somemedications people might be taking, have rashes as their side-effect.Moreover, in order for these unwanted byproducts of certainmedications to activate, sun rays are needed upon ones skin. Thisnegative reaction may express itself in many different ways andlevels, some more serious than the others. Therefore, people who areon tranquilizers, birth control pills, antidepressants or any otherdrugs daily, should read the list of side-effects and avoid sun if itmay cause them harm.

Alternatively, people may suffer fromthis condition influenced by some of the cosmetic products they use.Namely, shampoos, soaps, makeup and many others may contain chemicalswhich cause this type of irritation when combined with sun. Eventhough most of them are harmless alone, problems may appear oncetheir chemicals are combined with each other.

Manifestations of Sun Poisoning

As mentioned above, the main symptom ofthis condition involves the appearance of rashes or other types ofskin damage upon even the slightest sun exposure. Itchiness,irritation, or swelling may also be present.

Possible Treatments and Remedies

As with most skin problems caused byburns of many types, exposure to cold is known to be quitebeneficial. Thus, several ice cubes, wrapped in a piece of cloth andapplied to the troublesome skin spot, will certainly result inrelief. Even warm baths may be of assistance, reducing the irritationas well as the discomfort it causes. Alternatively, lotions and otherproducts for these purposes may help greatly and should be taken intoconsideration. Finally, if the situation escalates, you might need aantihistamine injection. Nevertheless, prevention is the best cure.Therefore, make sure you stay out of the sun during its strongerultraviolet radiation. Also, whenever you go out on a sunny day,protect yourself well and wear sunscreen. If you sunbathe, do itsmartly and moderately, during the late afternoon or early in themorning. Avoid tanning beds and stay protected even during the cloudydays.

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