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Side effects of the cortisone cream

There is a subtype of drugs that belongs to the group of medications known as Hydrocortisone, and it is called “cortisone drugs”. The cortisone cream is a medication that is applied on a restricted patch of skin and acts as a corticosteroid would. Its primary method of functioning is reducing the inflammation. Conditions that are treated with cortisone cream are itch and small scale tenderness of skin. Also, it can be used as a means of relieving arthritis in the joints accompanied by inflammation, as well as in cases where inflamed skin occurs as a consequence of a disturbance of skin’s natural balance.

Cortisone creams are held by many experts as virtually harmless, although, it is undeniable that there have been some cases of problems caused by persistent use of the cortisone cream. It is good to be generally informed on the potential dangers and risks, so that we are able to recognize early symptoms and respond.

Among the side effects that can occur as a result of prolonged application of cortisone cream, we have the feeling of burning on the area of skin what has been treated with the cortisone cream. What a person using cortisone cream may experience is tenderness, feeling that the skin is too dry or red on the treated patch of skin. Some other symptoms that can potentially occur include loss of natural color of the skin, appearance of stretch marks. The symptoms of irritation are most likely to appear when the cream is used on some sensitive areas of the body, such as folds of the skin.

More serious side effects

The above mentioned side effects can be described as not so serious compared to other symptoms that can be developed. Among the latter we have long lasting widening of the blood vessels, as well as heightened proneness of the skin to come down with an infection. In cases cortisone cream is applied around the eyes, there might be a bigger chance for glaucoma and cataract to emerge.

There are some factors that influence the likelihood for the appearance of a certain side effect of using cortisone cream. For example, we are talking about the specific area of skin that is being treated with the cream, time period during which the cream is applied, the type of the ailment that is being cured with the cream. What the patient should bear in mind is that it is essential to follow the instructions obtained from the doctor, or the ones included in the leaflet in the cream packaging.

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