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Information on Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana is a flowering plant which can be commonlyfound in various regions of Europe. It is a flowering plant and it has beenused widely as a herbal remedy for a wide array of medical conditions such asswelling, bruises, painful sensations and even labor discomfort. Homeopathicusage of arnica Montana involves the use of the remedy in the form of tablets.It can also be purchased in the form of topical gels or creams. It may be ofgreat help when it comes to the prevention and treatment of skin rashes, mouthulcers, organ damage and sometimes even heart failure, but in some cases it mayalso be affiliated with the occurrence of certain side effects.

Arnica Montana Uses

Arnica Montana should never be used for more than two weeks,and one should always take it in small doses. Arnica Montana creams and gelsshould never be applied on open wounds or on the areas which are close to theeyes and mouth. Athletes tend to use arnica Montana quite often as it is veryefficient in accelerating the recovery process of numerous different types ofsports injuries. Physical exertion and strained muscles generate large amountsof discomfort which can be relieved by using arnica Montana. Arnica Montana isvery efficient in relieving, reducing and alleviating painful sensations,hematoma, bruises, swelling, insect bites, skin irritation, joint pain andmuscle pain. It may be of great help in childbirth and it may reduce thehemorrhoidal problems which sometimes occur after childbirth. High doses and prolongeduse of arnica Montana may cause skin irritation and numerous other types ofside effects. Sometimes improper usage of arnica Montana may be lifethreatening and, in some cases, even fatal.

Arnica Montana Side Effects

The most common side effects of arnica Montana are mouthulcers as it is often used as an ingredient of certain mouthwashes. It is alsonot uncommon for arnica Montana to trigger loose bowel motions, vomiting,nausea, stomachache and other intestinal problems, especially when consumed in excessiveamounts. Prolonged use of arnica Montana damages the internal organs such askidneys, liver and heart. It may trigger irregular heart rate and increasedblood pressure, and in certain cases it may even be fatal. When appliedtopically on the skin, arnica Montana may sometimes trigger eczema, skin rashesand sometimes even skin lesions in the areas near the mouth. Pregnant womenshould avoid using arnica Montana.

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