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Things to do before Starting Your Holiday

The best thing one should do before every holiday trip is to get proper information about how to prevent certain medical conditions that can occur during the holiday. Many uninformed people end up with certain alimentary diseases or get burns from too much exposure to sun.

Health Tips for TravelersVaccination and MedicationsBefore the trip a traveler is advised to visit a doctor and to see whether he/ she needs to be vaccinated against certain illnesses. Namely, some countries are endemic regarding certain infections. For example, if a person travels to countries in which yellow fever is endemic, he/ she must be properly protected against this disease. The patient will also be given a certificate that the vaccination has been conducted and this paper needs to be shown while entering the country. All in all, depending on the country one may need to receive several shots or no shot at all. Some diseases may be even prevented by regular usage of certain medications which will be prescribed if necessary and the traveler will have to take them during his stay in foreign country.Medical FacilitiesThe traveler must be fully informed of the exact location of the nearest hospital. This is only a preventive measure in case something unexpected occurs. Protection against the SunPeople must be aware of the harmful sun rays and apply appropriate sun protection creams several times during the exposure to the the sun. Appropriate clothes and hats should be worn as well.WaterEven though the intake of water must be increased as the temperatures can be rather high one should never consume water from the local water supplies as it may be contaminated. For drinking purposes bottled water is the best option. Even food should not be washed with water from local water supplies. FoodThe best thing one should do is to eat in hotel and if he/she really wants to try some of the local specialties the best thing to do is to visit restaurants that are tested and recommended by the staff of the hotel. Raw food should be avoided as it may contain infective agents.Additional MeasuresPeople who are traveling to distant countries cam catch some not so serious illnesses such as increased body temperature or diarrhea. This is why it is necessary for one to take certain medications such as antipyretics or medications that can help with diarrhea. Apart from that, minor injuries including cuts and sprains may occur. This is why one should also carry band-aids and some creams that will sooth the pain caused by the sprain.

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