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About menopause

Menopause is a period of woman's life that features with different changes. The changes are primarily caused by insufficient ovarian production of female hormones. Majority of women complain about symptoms and signs of menopause and they try to do everything to reduce their intensity. Menopausal women most commonly complain about hot flashes, weight gain, problems with sleeping, and vaginal dryness.
Apart from the previously mentioned even mental changes such as depression, irritability and mood swings affect women in menopause. Hot flashes may be the most intensive symptoms present during several years. Hot flashes are unpredictable and cannot be controlled. Vaginal dryness may interfere in sexual life of active women who say that even though they have desire for sex they have difficulties and the intercourse is rather painful. There is no cure for menopause.
Some women take hormonal supplements and these can help with majority of symptoms. On the other hand there are some herbs which can effectively reduce the intensity of menopausal symptoms and help women with the problems they are trying to get used to.

Lifestyle Changes in Menopause

Some women are affected by this period of their lives very much. They do not feel attractive any more. The best thing a woman can do is to accept menopause as a natural period of life. Dietary changes may be beneficial and eliminate some of the symptoms. Physical activity can boost both the immune system and woman's confidence. Women should not stop having sex. On contrary, this can be the best period for them to have sex as they do not have to think about unwanted pregnancy. Vaginal dryness can be successfully eliminated by certain products and lubricants. After all, hormonal substitution can be the last resort if everything else fails.

Nutrition and Herbs for Menopause

Soy foods are excellent option for menopausal women. Isoflavones in soy are rather similar to natural estrogen produced by a woman. This is why soy can act as a suitable provider with substances that can be called artificial estrogen.

Flaxseed can be a perfect regulator of hormones if used regularly.

Dong quai is another herb which has been used for years in women who have been suffering from hormonal imbalance. Still since dong quai act as a powerful anticoagulant it cannot be used in menopausal women who are suffering from occasional bleeding.

Black cohosh can successfully eliminate or at least reduce the intensity of hot flashes. The explanation may lie in ability of this herb to sustain adequate hormonal levels.

Hot flashes can be additionally reduced with sufficient daily intake of vitamin E. Apart from vitamin E, B group of vitamins can help a woman to deal with the excessive stress caused by the very menopause.

And finally, some of the menopausal symptoms can be alleviated by gamma-linoleic acid which is present in evening primrose oil and black currant oil.

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