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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Menopause may be a hard period for some women, because of unpleasant signs and symptoms it brings. The changes in your body happen because of the lack of female hormones. It causes the declination and stopping of ovulation, sleeping problems, decreased libido, hot flashes and it may also cause some psychological problems. Postmenopausal women are at risk of developing various health conditions because of the hormone deficiency. These women could suffer from osteoporosis, depression, heart and many more medical problems, and the hormone replacement therapy is used to treat these conditions. Hormones are found to be beneficial if used short-term, but the long term usage may bring some adverse effects.

HRT Advantages

HRT is known to significantly improve the quality of life in women using these medications. Hormones can relieve some of the symptoms and signs of menopause, and women often feel freed with this treatment. Some of the most annoying symptoms of menopause are hot flashes and sleeping problems. Hormone therapy can solve both of these issues and help suffering women. The hormone therapy is said to be very effective against osteoporosis, but the studies researching it are still in progress. So far, it is known that estrogen does increase the bone mass, inhibiting the bone cells responsible for the destruction of bones (osteoclasts). Estrogen affects the levels of lipid in the blood, and because of that HRT can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases in hormone replacement patients. Some claim that progestins from these medications can also have a role in this effect. There is not proper explanation for the uplifting effects of estrogen therapy for menopausal women, but the studies have proved that women do feel much better after the start of the treatment. Many patients felt that they have more energy and can perform daily duties without the menopausal burden on their shoulders. Certain studies conducted recently have shown that HRT improves short term memory. Menopausal women have much better scores on these tests than the women with active ovaries or even the women who weren’t using the hormone replacement therapy.

Against HRT

Several facts are against the use of hormone replacement treatments. There are problems with all types of medications (hormones) used, and both preparations with estrogen alone or combined estrogen and progestin can cause health problems. The patients might experience nausea, bloating, retention of fluids, pain in the breasts and mood swings. There is also the possibility of vaginal spotting or bleeding. More serious effects of HRT are increased risk of blood clots, heart attack, stroke, and also ovarian and endometrial cancer. Long-term hormone replacement treatment might be associated with breast cancer. Some patients reported increased breast and bone density, interfering with the diagnosis of breast cancer.

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