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Most women experience menopause in their 50s. This is thetime of their life when the menstruation stops and there is also the significantdecrease of certain hormones. Such changes are not sudden or drastic and theyappear slowly over time. However, symptoms and signs accompanying menopause maybe extremely unpleasant and many women seek relief for these symptoms.

Natural Menopause Relief

Every woman is faced with lack of hormones orhormone imbalances once she reaches menopause. Progesteroneis one of the female sex hormones. Along with some other hormones, likeestrogen, the level of progesterone also declines significantly in menopause. Combinationof estrogen and progesterone is believed to be protective formula for thelining of the uterus. Additionally, doctors believe that this combination positively modifies the risk of endometrial cancer in menopausal women.

Some claim that using progesterone alone may be the perfectfit for symptoms of menopause, especially in women who can't take estrogens. Manytimes, women have history of cardiovascular disease in the family and thisexcludes them from hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with estrogen. Progesteronecreams may improve the sleep, reduce the migraine headaches, prevent waterretention and decrease the risk of uterine and breast cancers. Women using progesteronemay also expect to have balanced blood sugar and no depression.

Instead estrogen, they may try the treatment withprogesterone. One of solutions for menopausal symptoms is progesterone cream. Transdermal(through the skin) application of this hormone is found out to be moreeffective than the progesterone in tablets. If you take progesterone pill, ithas to go through the liver, but there it loses the efficacy. Instead, thewoman could take some progesterone cream, gel or patch and achieve same results as with taking the tablet. Only difference is in the amount of progesterone – using thiscream, you will take about 5 to 8 times less progesterone than if you weretaking the pill.

Skin type and its temperature may be potential problems forthis menopausal remedy. It is hard to determine exact dose needed for everypatient, because the amount of progesterone depends on the type of the skin andskin temperature. Efficiency of progesterone creams depend on the preciseapplication on proper places.

Natural progesterone creams are considered to be much betterthan synthetic progesterone. Natural thing will be more similar to hormonesproduced in your own body and they are known to cause fewer side effects. Administrationof synthetic progesterone cream may lead to nausea, water retention, depressionand it is also associated with heightened risk of cancer development.

Avoid products claiming to contain some natural or herbalproducts which should eventually turn into progesterone inside the body. Theseproducts don’t work and there is no scientific proof claiming otherwise.

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