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What is MorningSickness?

Morning sickness is a symptom mostly present during the first trimester of pregnancy, particularly during weeks six through to 13. Though very uncomfortable, it is of brief duration, and can be remedied with several treatments.

Methods ofTreatment

'Sea bands' are bands that fit around the wrist and apply pressure to relieve nausea, usually used for sea sickness, but effective for morning sickness too. They can be purchased at a pharmacy for $20 or home made by placing a dried kidney bean over the inside of the forearm, about 10 centimeters from the wrist, and holding it in place with an adhesive bandage until the nausea ceases. According to Janette Roberts the following herbs can prevent nausea: black horehound, meadowsweet, wild yam, peppermint, lemon balm, aniseed, squaw vine and peach leaves. These can be consumed in fluid extract, tablet or capsule form. Licorice tea can help calm the stomach and ease mild nausea, but natural licorice drops or licorice in candy form will also work. A daily dose of Vitamin B6 can reduce vomiting and nausea. A study out in the U.S. and Thailand showed that women who take 25 milligrams of B6 every eight hours had a significant reduction in vomiting and nausea compared to women who took a placebo. Lemons are also highly effective in treating morning sickness, by placing it in hot water and drinking gradually during the day. The lemon juice can also be placed in iced water, or eaten raw.

Junk food such as chips and chocolate, while not beneficial overall, can act as a psychological remedy, especially for people that are not normally used to consuming junk food regularly. It is generally considered that positive thinking can make an impact on mild nausea. Taking a few breaths and relaxing the body can have an efficient counter effect to nausea. Heidi Murkoff, co-author of What To Expect When You're Expecting, claims that physical or mental fatigue can increase the risk of morning sickness and exacerbate symptoms.

Incense and essential oils with fragrances such as lavender, pettigrain, spearmint, lemon, coriander or bergamot can utilize aromatherapy that helps with nausea. Bamboo and Hoelen, a Chinese herbal formula, can be good for nausea in pregnancy.

Finally, the yoga move called the 'tongue pull' can also prevent nausea. It functions by grasping the tongue using a dry, clean cloth and pulling it straight out, until achieving a strained and uncomfortable feeling. The tongue should be held out 30 seconds.

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