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Nausea medicationsare available as OTC (over the counter) and prescribed products. These medications are usedto ease vomiting and wooziness that comes with nausea.

Medically, nauseais not a disease, but merely a symptom that shows there is something wrong with thebody. Most common causes of nausea are motion sickness and morning sickness(which occurs during pregnancy), while indigestion, diarrhea, heartburn and migraine could worsenthe nausea.

Nausea mightbe treated with some herbal and home remedies, and these should always be thefirst thing you try, before medications. Drink some water, clear carbonateddrinks or ginger ale, they might help with the nausea. It may be helpful to eatonly liquid for a while or just some dry crackers, and avoid solid and greasy food. In cases ofindigestion induced nausea the best way to calm the stomach is to drink some chamomileor green tea. Dried or crystallized ginger is good to chew when feelingnauseous. Indian gooseberries are also believed to help with the nausea, and anyform of these berries would be good.

Perhaps thebest way to relieve nausea is to vomit when feeling nauseous.

There areseveral of prescription medications used in nausea.

Alka-Seltzeris mainly used for nausea caused by acid reflux and indigestion problems. The bubblesformed by use of this medication are pushing the acid into the stomach andrelieving nausea.

Pepto Bismolis useful if nausea is connected with diarrhea.

When dealingwith motion sickness and vertigo induced nausea the right medication isDramamine. The side effect is heavy dizziness, which is why there’s improvedversion of this tablet, containing meclizine.

Diphenhydramineis the most popular medication for the nausea treatment, recommended for bothallergies and nausea. However, it shouldn’t be used for children under the ageof 6.

Cyclizine is antihistaminemedication, proven effective in nausea treatment. It also causes dizziness as the sideeffect but the positive side is that this medication can be used for children olderthan 2 years.

Phenergan isthe drug used to treat allergies and motion in sickness induced nausea.

Nausea medications,prescribed or OTC, only treat nausea symptoms, and don’t deal with the diseasethat caused nausea in the first case. Therefore, if the nausea is persistent oryou have nausea often, do visit your doctor. He would diagnose the cause ofnausea and treat it properly. If somefoods are making you nauseous you must pay close attention to what you eat.

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