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Morning sickness, more accurately called pregnancy nausea, is one of the most dreaded symptoms of pregnancy. This symptom is generally limited to the first trimester, but some women feel sick during their entire pregnancies. If you are currently among those women who hangs above the toilet nearly all day long, you are of course interested in what you can do to make it all stop. Many women want to know what they can eat to avoid morning sickness.

The truth is that pregnancy nausea is as individual as the women who face it. While there is a general consensus that morning sickness can be caused and exacerbated by certain foods, the triggers of pregnancy nausea are not the same for any two women. It is not always food that triggers an episode of pregnancy sickness either perfume, the smell of your car, or seeing someone else eating a sandwich can all be things that make pregnant women sick. Learning your own personal triggers is the key to avoiding them. Knowing what foods you personally need to avoid to minimize your pregnancy nausea is a process of trial and error. You will find out what foods to avoid soon enough. The flip side of this is that every woman also has some foods that can help her feel less sick.

Once again, you will need to find out what these foods are for you personally all by yourself, but when you discover what foods can stop you from being sick, it can help you enormously. It might be a dry cracker before you get up in the morning, or it might be a huge coca-cola whenever you feel sick, or lemon and ginger tea. Finally, your actual eating pattern influences your level of nausea. A full stomach is more likely to cause you to be sick than one that is still half empty. Eating small meals more often really does help keep morning sickness at bay.

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