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Many people around the world suffer with some form of pain in theirback and/or neck area. This can be due to a poor posture, sitting orstanding for long periods of time, genetics, and injury, lifting heavyobjects, lifting objects in an incorrect fashion and also sleeping on abad mattress. You can make the pain ease up and in some cases disappearcompletely by investing on a decent mattress that suits you.

Mattress Suitable for the Relief of Back and Neck Pain

Thereis such a wide choice of mattress in the shops today all of which offerdifferent things for you. Mattress types can range from memory foammattresses, air mattresses, innerspring mattresses, latex mattresses,and so on. Research that has been conducted will say that for a personwho suffers with a bad back or pain in their neck that a firm mattressis the choice to make and most will recommend the memory foam mattress.This type of mattress was made by NASA. The foam that is inside thisparticular mattress can actually mold itself around your contours thusgiving a person full support of all their body areas. This worksbecause the foam that is molded around the body will help to remove thepressure points that had built up on other mattresses.

Which is the Best Mattress for Back and Neck Pain

Thatis an impossible question because everyone is an individual thuseveryone’s experience and pain will differ from one another. Asstated, memory is probably the best overall mattress but this does notmean that it is suited for every person with a pain in their back or intheir neck. The Dormeuse mattress made by Essentia is a very goodoption as well.

Dormeuse Mattress for Back and Neck Pain

TheDormeuse mattress offers a person a deep contouring supportive mattressthat assists with pain felt in the back, shoulder and the neck areas.It is made from layers of natural memory foam and natural latex. Theprimary foam and latex sheets give a mild support for the relief of thepressure points and the memory foam on the top layer allows theperson’s body to be molded into it. These type of mattress gives aperson spinal alignment. Unfortunately the traditional memory foammattresses are notorious for their deprived breathability anddisagreeable smell. Quite the opposite, is the Dormeuse memory foammattress because it has a ventilated blueprint that continues themattress to be spanking new at all times. In actual fact, it has an80% better breathability in comparison to competingmattresses.

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