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Back pain can vary from mild to excruciating, but it always causes significant discomfort. Sometimes it makes it difficult or impossible to sit, lie down or walk. In any case, it is good to know ways to relieve back pain and to feel better in no time.

Causes of back pain

There are dozens of possible causes of back pain. Sometimes the back can hurt because the person is wearing uncomfortable or poor-fitting shoes or clothes or because the bed or the chairs that are used are not suitable for the person or they are simply comfortable. Back can also hurt because of too much sitting or standing, especially in the work place, or because of the lack of physical activity. Back pain is often seen in overweight people, as a direct result of their obesity.

The most common cause of back pain is, however, an injury to a muscle or a ligament. Back pain can also be caused by a pinched nerve, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, herniated disk, and many more.

Home treatment and remedies for back pain

Applying ice packs has been proven to be one of the best remedies against back pain. This has even been confirmed in several scientific studies. The best way is to wrap ice packs in a towel and to lay it over the affected area, leaving it for at least 20 minutes. The ice should then be removed for 10 minutes, before repeating the procedure.

Since sitting puts pressure to the shock-absorbing disks in the spine, many physicians advise against too much sitting. If sitting cannot be avoided, it is recommended to fidget in the chair, to twist and move the legs and wiggle the toes.

As for the chair, it should provide perfect lower back support. It should also be slightly leaned backward. In the car, it helps to place a rolled-up towel between the lower back and the seat.

Bed is very important for the back as well. Ideally, it should not be too firm or too soft. Some experts claim that the best beds for people who suffer from back pain are water beds.

Women often suffer from back pain because their bra does not fit well. The best thing to do is to get measured for a bra by a professional in a lingerie store. The bras should have wider back and shoulder straps for firmer support. Women should also avoid high heels, because they place great strain to the back.

Of course, when the pain becomes intolerable or when it interferes with normal daily routine, there are many different over-the-counter pain killers that provide great relief. Aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and naproxen all work fine, but ibuprofen is usually more recommended because it does not cause stomach upset.

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