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This kind of pain commonly occurs in the area underneath the ribs and in that above our legs, and given the fact that this part of our back is the one responsible for bearing most weight it is considered to be one of the pillars of our body. For the above stated reason, this part of the body is often injured first, especially in activities involving the actions of reaching, twisting or those which require lifting of heavy objects. This is also one of the reasons why, at one time or another, each and every one of us experiences pain in this region – everyone actually lifts a lot of heavy stuff during their lifeand that is something that seemingly cannot be avoided. Theupside is that this pain disappears on its own after some time, usually after a couple of weeks and the only thing a person should do is to take care of themselves a bit more in these days and that includes only the basic of cares. If by chance this pain persists for some time then a person should consider going to a doctor and asking for the most proper treatment.

Asis almost self-evident and apparent, injuries to the lower back region are primarily caused by hard physical activities and by a strain or injuries. Another common culprit is, unfortunately, the one which can not be avoided in any way, the old age, and the reason for this is evident – as we get older our muscles and bones “age” as well, and thus losing their flexibility and might. There is also a significant number of people in which an underlying conditions, such as arthritis, is to be blamed for the pain in this area of the back. Other conditions which are to be blamed include spine irregularity following a person from the day he/she was born, osteoporosis and alike. Whendiscussing the symptoms, one should know that most of them actually depend on the characteristics of the culprits - the underlying causes. Having that in mind this pain can be categorized as follows – dull, intensive, splitting and sharp, which appears all of a sudden and is followed by muscle convulsions. What is also caused by these culprits are various leg related symptoms (intensive pain, feelings of numbness covering the area underneath our knees).

Accordingto the doctors and professionals whose area of expertise is this part of our body, they categorize this kind of pain in the following manner: if its duration is less then three months, then it is considered to be acute. In the case acute pain and the related symptoms return then it is termed as being a recurring, while in case a person suffers from lower back pain for longer then 3 moths then this falls under the chronic pain. Whenit comes to treatment, success of the surgery is not only variable, but this kind of treatment is not recommended at all. So what we are left with are the prescription and over-the-counter drugs, as well as the means of the alternativemedicine.

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