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GotBack Pain in the Morning?

Peopleoften wonder where their back-pain comes from, without ever stoppingto consider the circumstances.

Thefact is, a person normally spends somewhere between six and ten hours(which amounts to a third of a person's life) a day in bed – mostlysleeping. By this, a person's bed and sleeping habits are amongst themost influential factors when it comes to back-pain.

Functionally,sleep is one of the healing mechanisms of the human body, and the waythis is done is by allowing the muscles to rest and recover. Thismeans that denying a human body a regular sleep cycle will result ininsufficient muscle rejuvenation, but also a sufficient level ofgrows hormones and melatonin production. This, in turn, hinderstissue recovery and cripples immunity.

Thecauses of sleep deprivation may vary from physical pain and mentalstress to substance abuse. Whatever the case may be they all have thesame outcome.

What'sthe Best Mattress?

Thereis no solid answer to this question. It all depends of the person'spreference. Some people like using memory foam, while others prefer a tougher mattress.

Bythat, the only answer to this question would be that the bestmattress is the one which doesn't make the person suffer from back painand stiffness in the morning. The best idea is to try out a couple ofdifferent types.


Ifa person's pelvis feels as if its sinking into the mattress toodeeply, there is a tip which may resolve that bit of a problem, too.

Asmall blanket is to be folded in two (or even three times if it'sreally thin), and to be placed underneath the fitted sheets so thatit shouldn't move about as the sleeper turns around during sleep. Itsposition is to be such as to cover the small portion of a person's back andspreading towards the knees from there.

Eventhough the difference in level may be a question of millimeters,those will still make all the difference.

What'sthe Best Position to Sleep in?

This,too, is a question of personal preference, but as with the above,some general guidelines still exist. When it comes to the spine,back-sleeping is the most stable, side-sleeping is second best andstomach-sleeping is downright terrible.

WhyAm I Sore When I Wake Up?

Itis a widely known fact that people who roll over less frequentlyduring sleep tend to have back pain in the morning. This is becausethe human hip is the heaviest body part, and if a person doesn't movearound too much in bed, the hip eventually sinks into the mattressand ends up stretching the same group of muscles all night long.

Theabove mentioned “special tip” is a good way of getting aroundthis little problem.

OtherHelpful Tips

Otherhelpful tips include: not drinking any fluids 60 minutes beforesleep, not having any physical activity 45 minutes before sleep.Taking 10 very deep breaths (as the person reflects the day) beforesleep is also known to make it a better one.

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